Cultural and Family Relationships: Therapeutic Performance Project (Ongoing)

“The way you help heal the world is you start with your own family.”
― Mother Teresa

Project by Pei Ling Ho


Cultural and Family Relationships: Therapeutic Performance Project is about building relationships of trust and strength in a family through performance art. This work combines various therapy methods such as sound, dance movement, and herbal therapy. It consists of a series of workshops and a research-based website. Through a collaboration with therapists, the workshops focus on family relationships, shared emotions, and verbal and nonverbal participatory practices, and the website exhibits the collaborative process with each therapist, documents the workshops, and lists family services resources. The project brings the family and community back together, and explores the issues of parent-child play, the body, and self-identity.

Workshops Series 

The two workshops, which will be held on February 24th, 2019, at Movement Research in New York City.

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Workshop1Parent-Child Play with Explorative Movements(for adults)

(Sunday, February 24, 2019 3:30pm – 5:00pm at Movement Research 122CC – Courtyard Studio, 150 1st Avenue 1st floor, New York 10009)

Do you want to discover your inner child through play? What’s your body feel like while playing in the playground?

Join Movement Therapist, Noelani Rodriguez and Performance Artist, Pei Ling Ho to explore the power of parent-child interaction in learning social and environmental relationships to self. During this event, you will create a playground setting with others, embody parent-child play, and learn how to listen and respond to child.

This workshop is designed for adults who are interested in discover their inner child through imagination, gain a greater internal understanding of their bodies by role play and movements, and developing a close, positive relationship with the child. People do not need to have a dance background to attend. This is a safe space for people to move freely with comfort.

Collaborator Bio:

Noelani Rodriguez, M.S., R-DMT is a New York based dancer, mover, creator, dance/movement therapist and lover of being connected to the body, mind and soul. 

She began her dance as a child in a local Queens, New York studio. Noelani continued her studies at Stony Brook University and now holds a double major in Psychology and Dance. She went onto to pursue her Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy at Pratt Institute. 

Noelani believes that it is through the body that humans connect to their life energy that lives in the nonverbal experience. She utilizes imagery, play, imagination, and movement exercises to guide others to a deeper connection to themselves.

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Workshop2Exploring Emotional Relationship in a Family with Sound Bath (for adults)

(Sunday, February 24, 2019 7:00pm – 8:30pm at Movement Research 122CC – Courtyard Studio, 150 1st Avenue 1st floor, New York 10009)

What’s the color of your breathe today? Do you want to obtain inner emotional harmony through sound?

Join Sound Therapist, Josephine Qjin Cho and Performance Artist, Pei Ling Ho to explore emotions through breathing and sound making with our voice to relieve the tension in the body, and learn how to manage your emotions toward other family members. During this event, you will listen deeply to the soothing instruments, make collaborative sound and recall emotional familial relationship conflicts.

This workshop is designed for adults who wish to explore their family relationship and obtain inner peace. This is a safe space for people to share emotions and family stories.

Collaborator Bio:

Josephine Qjin Chois a musician/sound therapist and world music singer. She loves to explore herself into sound and movement practices as well as community-based theatre works. She is passionate about merging different arts platforms to explore human desires across different cultures and liberating our body through sound and movement storytelling. 

Her community arts teaching credits include as sound workshop instructor at ‘2012 El Sistema Korea camp’ in South Korea (* ARTE: KOREA ARTS & CULTURE EDUCATION SERVICE) and her recent credits in New York include as music teaching artist at ‘Earsay Youth Voices’ and ‘MIMA Music’, and theater specialist at ‘Serious Fun After School’, ‘Wingspan Arts’ and ‘Boys and Girls Harbor’.

Cultural and Family Relationships: Therapeutic Performance Project


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