Performance: 25-30min at Panoply Performance Laboratory

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"Here ‘place’ is not so much a quality of things in the world but an aspect of the way we choose to think about it - what we decide to emphasize and what we decide to designate as unimportant.”

The place is a kind of connection between a person and a particular location and it also suggests a notion of privacy and belonging. Combining my identity and relationship with family, I transform each place (square) as a pause into a self and body awareness process, and invite everyone to join the journey with their body present. 

'If we think of space as that which allows movement, then place is pause; each pause in movement makes it possible for location to be transformed into place.’

My performance starts with me talking about being named Cindy, a name I never felt suited for me. I introduce myself as Cindy to the audience, and tell the story of asking my father why he named me Cindy, and then he told me his name which is a square drawn around me on the ground. After that, I take a little lamp and point at the square, clicking them on and off like Morse code as a response while everyone in the room introducing their names back. I then begin to whisper to each person, and giving them different instructions. For example, one was to move parts of their body in the squares that were not awake, and to use multiple squares along the journey. 

Eventually the squares lead everyone outside, where there was a small red bucket with illuminated hard candy inside atop my lap. Participants continue to either walk the path to the outside or interact in the squares with their different instructions. When the audience fully made it outside, I walk with the bucket offering a piece of the candy to each audience member and ending the piece.


Performer: PEI-LING HO

Videographer: Emma Yi

Editor: Youi Shih