The Diary of a Project, Family, and Memory

Video : HD. 11'07'' 

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The Diary of a Project, Memory, and Family

When was the last time you called your parents after leaving from the shell in the name of home?

Diving into my pain with family, the film explores human connections, childhood, and parent-child relationships. Utilizing the medium of film as personal and vulnerable diary entries, this film is a 3 years of self exploration with contextualizing childhood memories, and posing questions and confusions to viewers. 

Collaged with the past home taping in Taiwan and the workshops I held in New York, I trim them through juxtaposition, misappropriation and discover the ways of communication with my parents through sound, movement and family therapy. It raises issues that the child often does not have the physical and emotional support of their parents because of lack of communication, constantly changing expectations, or lack of trust among family members. The film invites viewers to participate of discovering their family relationships, childhood memories and emotions.

photo credit:  Youi Shih