Performance:  30’ at Astoria house



Rebounding is a collaborative performance created by Pei-Ling Ho and Shannon Stovall. It brings together two women from two separate cultures and life experiences to speak on personal and constructed ideas of family, memory, intimacy, gender and power.

In the first part, we remembering uncomfortable and tender moments from our childhood that are associated with the object we're interacting with in the room. Many of these memories are recounted feelings of vulnerability, loneliness and exploration of the body. We’re trying to build the connection not only with domestic and psychological interiors but with the interaction of audience. 

In the second part, after Pei-Ling reading her bedtime story when she was a kid, Shannon appears as an aerobics instructor based on her mother’s career who is a cop and a fitness competitor, reminiscent of the popular trend from the 1980’s. The piece becomes more open, energetic and interactive as she ask them to stretch and move with her. 

The last interaction we represent this endless struggle of being forced to come face to face with the forces that oppress us. Additionally, it represents the structure and dynamic that this oppression can create between fellow women, and the resulting psychological impact that is generated.

photo credit: Youi Shih