Born in 1993 in Taipei, I aim to make art that helps people make connections by “sharing their emotional bitterness.

For me, art is the only common language of the humanity. The themes of my artistic creation have undergone several changes, beginning with an exploration of myself to the issues of family and gender.For the family issues, I am very intrigued by the possibility of expressing the “forbidden” emotions, such as anger and depression, in a family. Unlike the “normal” familial themes of order, respect, and dignity, for me, the forbidden emotions are the unspeakable undertone of everyday family life. Gender is another major theme of my artworks that is so closely intertwined with the issues of primitive desire, sex, love, and marriage. I bravely embrace all the emotions and pain that occur to me as a woman and take them as the nutrition of my artistic creation. Focusing on mixed media, such as photography, video, collage and performance art.



何佩玲,1993年出生於台北,目前就讀于紐約視覺藝術學院藝術創作研究所(School of Visual Arts),摯愛真切之人、魂牽之像、深嚼之文。  攝鏡後之意,非攝純粹之姝。

曾獲邁阿密衛星藝術展徵件獲選(2017)、Wonder Foto Day台北國際藝術攝影交流展評審獎(2017)、BYOB Taipei:一夜限定影像放映秀徵件獲選(2016)與第二十九屆法國馬賽錄像藝術節徵件獲選(2016)。近期思考關注於家庭、性別與社會之間的連結、關係與實踐,抑或反身觀看如何被形塑建構。相信藝術是世界上唯一人們情感上共同的語言,而作品為能表達出身為「人」所擁有的特性與意識,並讓人們在「分享情感苦痛」上產生連結,媒材使用包含攝影、錄像、行為表演與拼貼等。