1993 Born in Taipei, Taiwan

Present MFA in Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, NY

2016 B.F.A in Advertising, National Chengchi University, Taipei


Curatorial Experience

2018 It’s Bedtime Somewhere, the House Performance Art Event in NYC

Selected Group Exhibitions & Workshops

2018 Constructing a Praxis of Artist/Educator, The Smith Learning Theater, Columbia University, NY

2018 MFA Fine Arts Fall Open Studio, School of Visual Arts, NY 

2018 Vanishing Performance Festival, the mudlark public theatre, New Orleans, USA

2018 MODERN PANIC IX [2018], Archive Gallery, London

2018 Liminality as Battle-line, Sotheby's Institute of Art, NY

2018 Meet Processing Factory Batch#001, Unnamed Gallery, NY

2018 Art in Odd Places 2018: BODY, High Line and 14th street, NY

2018 Art in Odd Places 2018: BODY, Westbeth Gallery, NY

2018 It’s Bedtime Somewhere, the House Performance Art Event in NYC (Curator)

2018 PERFORMANCY FORUM: CIVIC REFLEX, Panoply Performance Laboratory, NY

2018 Plants & Animals: On Monsters, Cyborgs & Other Hybrid CreaturesThe Learning Machine, Chicago

2018 ITINERANT: the annual Performance Art Festival NYC, BMCC Theatre Program, NY

2018 Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival, NG / Sofia Arsenal – Museum of Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

2018 Miami Independent Film Festival, USA

2017 WÄRMFLASCHE EDITION 2017, Berlin, Germany

2017 Experimental film festival, Middlesbrough, UK

2017 MFA Fine Arts Spring Open Studio, School of Visual Arts, NY 

2017 6th Online Performance Art Festival

2017 MFA Fine Arts Fall Open Studio, School of Visual Arts, NY

2017 WET. Performance Art Night, Middlesbrough, UK

2017 CONTEMPORARY VENICE - ITSLIQUID International Art Show, Venice, Italy


2017 Taipei Art Book Fair & Herb, Taipei

2017 the 2nd Ningbo International Photography Week, China

2017 Wonder Foto AwardsG.Gallery, Taipei

2017 An Art ARENA for Taiwanese and Korea Contemporary Art, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan

2017 Photobook Fair, Photo Eye of YOUNG ART TAIPEI, Taiwan

2016 Graduate Exhibition, venue, Taipei

2016 29th Festival Les Instants Video, France

2016 BYOB Taipei, Taiwan

2015 Family Polaroids workshop, National Chengchi University, Taipei

2015 From Here Through There, National Chengchi University, Taipei

2014 The 20th NTU Art Fest, National Taiwan University



2018 Official Selection, Concrete Dream Film Festival, California

2018 Official Selection, WomenCinemakers Biennale, Berlin

2017 Honorable Mention award, Asia South East-Short Film Festival-Winter 2017, London 

2017 Judge Award, Wonder Foto Day, Taipei, Taiwan

2016 Third Place, The National High School and College Photography Competition, Taiwan



Artists Interview on WOKE AMP Radio, Pratt Institute by Jaguar Mary X, October 29, 2018

AiOP Weekly: Meet the AiOP 2018 BODY Artists II, Art in Odd Places, August 7, 2018


A Roving Performance Art Festival Works to Break Down Binaries, Hyperallergic, May 22, 2018

Perhaps we have never really concerned about mother, Ho Pei-Ling, a Taiwanese artist post-90s, prompting us to re-examine the family roles of women, LENS FM, November 23, 2017

Joanna Fu, Family Photos: Exploration and Questioning of Family Relations, GUYUREPORT, October 19, 2017

Visual exploration of home images, People’s Photography, October 11, 2017 

Joanna Fu, Photography Week Invitational Exhibition | Different Interpretations of a "Family Life" intimacy, September 1, 2017

Tracing back from the roots of scars in gender issues: an interview with artist Pei-Ling Ho, Hahow, June 28, 2017

Wonder Foto Day, Indifference Pain of Housewife: Pei-Ling talks about scars with photography, The News Lens, April 13, 2017

Shen Bo Yi, Consumer Carnival broke out in the flames, The Reporter, March 28, 2017

Joanna Fu, Chinese and Taiwaness’ young photographers both come here to participate this event and they all said is a right choice, March 19, 2017 

Feel closely to the temperature of photography in the photography exhibition, Chinatimes, March 18, 2017 

何 佩 玲

1993 生於台灣台北

就讀 紐約視覺藝術學院  美術碩士

2016 國立政治大學 廣告學系文學學士 


策 展

2018 床邊故事行為表演展,紐約

聯 展

2018 Meeting Processing Factory Batch#001,紐約

2018 Art in the Odd Places 2018: 身體,紐約

2018 床邊故事行為表演展,紐約

2018 行為表演論壇: 公民探討,紐約

2018 植物與動物: 關於怪獸、賽伯格與其他變種生物藝術展,芝加哥

2018 ITINERART: 紐約年度行為表演藝術節,美國

2018 索菲亞地下表演藝術節,保加利亞

2018 邁阿密獨立電影節,美國


2017 實驗電影節,英國

2017 第六屆線上行為表演藝術節

2017 WET.行為表演展,英國

2017 當代威尼斯- ITSLIQUID國際藝術展,義大利

2017 邁阿密衛星藝術展,美國

2017 台北草率季藝術書刊市集,台灣

2017 第2屆寧波市國際攝影週,中國

2017 台北國際攝影藝術交流展的得獎展 ,居藝廊,台北

2017 臺北市立美術館《社交場》展「明日和合製作所」《等待果陀》戲劇展演,台灣

2017 台北國際當代藝術博覽會攝影書市集,台灣

2016 政大廣告系畢業製作「告別,是」藝術創作聯展,濕地創意實驗基地,台北

2016 第二十九屆法國馬賽錄像藝術節,法國

2016 BYOB Taipei:一夜限定影像放映秀,台北

2016 政大廣告學系畢業製作實驗展家庭拍立得工作坊,台北

2015 政大廣告學系畢業製作實驗展【甬:此處通往彼岸From Here Through There】,台北

2014 第20屆臺大藝術季NTU Art Fest,台北


獲 獎

2018 夢境影展 評審獎,加利福尼亞州

2018 女性導演雙年展 評審獎,柏林,德國

2017 東南亞洲短片影展 榮譽獎,倫敦

2017 Wonder Foto Day台北國際藝術攝影交流展 評審獎,台灣

2016 榮獲全國攝影大專院校攝影比賽銅牌,台灣