“Living" in Performance


“Living" in Performance, featuring HeraHaeSoo Kim, Mengxia Shi, Pei-Ling Ho (curator), and Shannon Michelle Stovall, is a performative exhibition bringing together four artists whose mediums include the human body, video, sound, and text as a means of exploring the synergy that arises from the convergence of performance and art making practices. Based on the concept of Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ), which are liberated and transformative spaces of energetic exchange, each artist invites the public to experience Live Action Art that exists between domestic and psychological interiors. 

The exhibition combines static display with live art that discusses themes of family, gender, and human’s desire. With each artist transforming the space into surreal living space, they will combine performance, participatory practices, installation, sound, healing methods, and food to present a unique experience for the viewer. It aims to pose questions regarding the relationship between viewer and artist, and the social and public aspect of art environments.

The exhibition will be on view Saturday, January 12, through Saturday, February 2, at the SVA Chelsea Gallery, 601 West 26th Street, 15th floor, New York City.


Untitled Performance

Shannon Michelle Stovall (United States) was born in San Diego, California and resided in San Francisco for nearly a decade. Graduate of San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in Painting and a current MFA Candidate at School of Visual Arts, she additionally studied abroad at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland. Her practice is an exploration of the culturally constructed notion of gender and the strange personas we create in order to navigate and make sense of our identities. She questions our collectively nuanced and complex ideas of selfhood through performance, photography, video and painting. She has performed live at CP Project Space in NY, and had group shows at SVA's Flatiron Gallery, Book & Job Gallery in San Francisco, and En Em Art Space in Sacramento. She currently lives in Manhattan, New York.


Nutrient Power Plant 2018: Durational performance

Nutrient Power Plant project aims to encourage visitors to experience the state of lost aesthetic pleasure, the lost sensory experience in flawless intake condition to get vital nutrients for sustaining our lives.

Hera HaeSoo Kim (Korea) is an artist living and working in New York City and Seoul. Hera graduated from Hongik University in 2013 with her MFA in Sculpture and completed with a Ph.D in Fine Arts. She is pursuing her MFA in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She spends as much of her time in various teaching engagements when not working on her art. 


Eating Breakfast in the Shower: Audience as performers

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." This myth is pervasive in society. Meanwhile, breakfast is the only personalized meal in our  society. By building up a surreal bathroom with instructions and installation, I try to create a scenario for people to think about the myth behind breakfast, and turn them into an art making process. Through sensory experiences with objects placed in the bathroom, audience as a participant and creator could find a way to connect the story behind the history. From suggesting the breakfast for tomorrow’s audience to experiencing different smells of mixed breakfast in each day, it’s an individual performance piece made by the collective audience. 

Pei-Ling Ho (Taiwan) is an interdisciplinary artist. She is studying in School of Visual Arts with an MFA in Fine Arts. Through performance, video, photography and mixed media, PEI-LING explores questions of gender identity and perception within various contexts, ranging from the con ict between exotic and local culture and the legitimacy of parents under social system, and drawing from her experience growing up in Taiwan. She has had group exhibitions include SATELLITE ART SHOW in Miami, ITINERANT: the annual Performance Art Festival in NY, 29th Festival Les Instants Vidéo in France, CONTEMPORARY VENICE - ITSLIQUID International Art Show in Italy and more. PEI-LING currently lives in Queens, New York.



Mengxia Shi is an experiment-based artist working in painting, mix media, performance, and installation. Her works discuss fundamental sensation and relationship between reality and fiction, visibility and invisibility, order and disorder. She wants to explore more nature and society process and connect with human fundamental being. Some of her work use bulbs and mirrors to manipulate light and space, some images painted by mechanical movement of the body. In addition, she uses some abandon object with metaphor to reconstruct an installation implying an establishment of a standard and an acceptance of normality. Those images share the characteristics of visual consumption in contemporary society, but at the same time provide hints and metaphors for contemporary cultural reality.