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Could you recognize yourself fully while leaving from the shell in the name of home?

HOME combines two words in it that are HO and ME, and the first word represents my last name and another one represents myself. Based on the home taping from my birth in 1993 to 1996,  I examine the path of growth within Chinese and western  culture and how the subconscious pile up through my lifetime. Bringing people back to the Lacan’s Mirror Stage in the period of infants that is the initial formation of selfhood, and constantly involve with the imagination, expectation, alienation, distortion, and the process of wandering between the self and the other.

Collaged with the past home taping and my performance shooting from current computer software, I trim them through juxtaposition, misappropriation and criticism of daily life in the mainstream media. It raises issues on the impact of exotic and local culture, the gender identity awareness, the legitimacy of parents under social system, the emotional blackmail in a family and so on. 

In the video, the texts also mix within a variety of realistic and fictional, past and current's daily dialogues and I display them in a bad translation of Chinese and English which creates the state of disorders of consciousness, forming the work with heterogeneous qualities. While allowing viewers to revisit the turbulence of his or her own childhood and putting fragments of a shattered mirror back together which makes the story live through again and again.




自身影像在過去的家庭錄像與現今的Apple Photo booth軟體粗糙的去背影像混和著,透過選擇、挪用、剪接拼合及批判日常生活中主流媒介,思緒被重新翻動與闡述,包含異國與在地文化的衝擊,性別身份的認同與象徵,社會體制下父母的正當性建構,人與人之間情緒的勒索等。 在文本上亦混合多種現實與虛構、過去與現今的日常對話,並經由google自動翻譯過後,同時用中英兩種語言彼此干擾,讓液化的聲音呈現失序的意識狀態,企圖在異質材料的互相拒斥與消融間辨認出自我的雛形,同時讓觀者潛入己身紊亂的童年回憶中,拾起內心景象的他者。